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Welcome to Your Affiliate Center!

Please note this affiliate center is still being developed… Everything you need to start promoting is already here… But, we do intend to continue adding new products and new promotional tools soon.

This area of the website has been specially designed to make everything as easy as possible for you to, generate your affiliate links to our products, ensuring that all your clicks and sales are tracked.

How To Use This JV Center


1. Simply select the product you wish to promote and ensure that you have applied and been accepted to be an affiliate for that product.

2. Select the type of marketing tool you wish to use for that product. We have a range of marketing tools from emails, banners and even re-brandable reports to choose from.

3. Next, Enter your Affiliate ID/Nickname into the box on the page where the affiliates tool you wish to use is shown….

4. Click the ‘Generate Your Affiliate Link’ Button.

5. Click on the ‘Copy Affiliate Link/Code’ button next to the affiliate link you wish to use. This places your affiliate link onto your computer’s clipboard.

6. Paste your affiliate tracking link directly into any marketing materials as required by pressing ‘Ctrl+V’ on a PC or ‘CMD+V’ on a Mac.

Additional Marketing Materials.

As well as just creating ‘basic’ affiliate tracking links we also have created a collection of additional quick and easy marketing materials for you to use.

These additional marketing materials can be accessed from the Affiliate Resources Navigation Menu at the top of this page.

Your Affiliate Marketing Plan

Here is what we would suggest in order to get off to a flying start and making commissions as soon as possible… and then continue to make affiliate commissions for many weeks, months (and years) to come.

(coming soon)